Mushrooms and Oak Trees

Never, ever had I heard a sermon or read a devotion about mushrooms and oak trees … until a few weeks ago. I then went from never having heard the analogy to seemingly hearing about it all the time.  The analogy resonates with me because there are lots of mushrooms in the courtyard area where … Continue reading Mushrooms and Oak Trees

I Wrote It … And It’s Published!

Here is an excerpt from an article I wrote for the Christian Courier. Follow this link to read the full submission. About a year ago a friend asked me, “What is the difference between doing and being?” The question stumped me because each time I thought of the act of being, it was associated with … Continue reading I Wrote It … And It’s Published!

I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free …

sung by Nina Simone I wish I knew howIt would feel to be freeI wish I could breakAll the chains holding meI wish I could sayAll the things that I should saySay 'em loud, say 'em clearFor the whole round world to hear I wish I could shareAll the love that's in my heartRemove … Continue reading I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free …

Peaks and Valleys vs. The Battle Field

I started the summer with “A Divided Heart” and highlighted the “Million Ways to Love” in my last post. As we transition from summer to fall, attempt to pivot repeatedly with the uncertainty of COVID-19, and remain persistent in our fight for justice, I’ve continued to think about my approach to challenging seasons. I grew … Continue reading Peaks and Valleys vs. The Battle Field

Leave Room for Joy

It felt hypocritical to laugh. It felt unsettling to seek opportunities to celebrate. It made me uneasy to consider indulging in recreational activities. But yet still, it was paralyzing to live with and carry in every way the real and perceived weight of chronic injustice, systemic racism and systematic oppression without even a mental reprieve. … Continue reading Leave Room for Joy

Justice Centered Life

On Friday night I had trouble pulling my eyes away from the screen. As much as I know about the damages of watching and re-watching traumatic images - police engaged in altercations with citizens, cars burning, people yelling obscenities at the camera and buildings being spray painted - I couldn’t pull away. As much as … Continue reading Justice Centered Life