One Million Ways to Love

Last weekend I spent time with my favorite teenager. For those of you reading this who don't know, this young lady is not my biological child - I don't have any biological children. She is the niece of one of my closest friends ... we'll call her Gardenia. I babysat Gardenia while I was in … Continue reading One Million Ways to Love

Leave Room for Joy

It felt hypocritical to laugh. It felt unsettling to seek opportunities to celebrate. It made me uneasy to consider indulging in recreational activities. But yet still, it was paralyzing to live with and carry in every way the real and perceived weight of chronic injustice, systemic racism and systematic oppression without even a mental reprieve. … Continue reading Leave Room for Joy

Justice Centered Life

On Friday night I had trouble pulling my eyes away from the screen. As much as I know about the damages of watching and re-watching traumatic images - police engaged in altercations with citizens, cars burning, people yelling obscenities at the camera and buildings being spray painted - I couldn’t pull away. As much as … Continue reading Justice Centered Life