I’d planned to blog today about what I have been eating during my raw food detox, but woke up today to somber news about Alton Sterling. I’ve wrestled much of the day with my sentiments about the incident and the state of affairs in our country. While I continue to process my thoughts and feelings, I have decided to proceed with my original post.

I have been eating raw 99.9% of the time 😉 for the last six and a half weeks. In addition to the typical “where do you get your protein” question, several people have asked me if I have only been eating salads. The answer is no! For breakfast, I typically have some sort of smoothie – they vary day to day and week to week. I also made my own almond milk  :-)! Because it’s summer and it’s super hot here, I have been eating a variety of salads with homemade salad dressing. For dinner, I’ve tried an assortment of raw meals including zoodles (my first time), raw hummus with veggies, and cashew cheese also paired with veggies. Below are a few low-quality pictures of meals I have made and a few recipes from my Everything Raw Food Recipe Book. I also included a pictures from two of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta that serves raw meals. Enjoy!