Finale: My Experience with dHerbs’s 20 Day Full Body Cleanse – 2 Weeks Post Detox

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This is week 2 post my dHerbs detox and although not my final post about my health and wellness journey, this will be my final post about subsequent lifestyle changes I have made because of it.

My post for last week was high jacked by me talking about returning to a vegan lifestyle :-), so I didn’t spend much time talking about the most challenging changes I had to make during the detox process and have tried to maintain. So here you go:

  • There is only one other time in my adult life that I haven’t owned and used a microwave – during my time as a Peace Corps volunteer. Therefore, one of the biggest shifts I experienced during the detox was not warming anything I made in the microwave. This was not a huge deal during the detox since I was eating mostly salads and smoothies, but as I’ve continued eating raw I realize that I have to make other adjustments. I now take my lunch out of the refrigerator during breakfast and my dinner out during lunch. It has worked since it’s summer, but we’ll see what happens once the weather cools ;-).
  • I have picked up a few bad habits in the last five years: I am close to a compulsive gum chewer – I can chew a pack of gum in about two days, so it was really hard for me not to have chewing gum during the detox. I have also been a daily coffee drinker since 2012 (when I returned to graduate school). If I drank my coffee black, there would be no issues but my coffee is nearly taupe by the time I add creamer (soy) and sweetener (Splenda) – neither of which I should be having on a regular basis. Finally, in the last year I picked up a Diet Coke habit – yet another artificial sweetener. I kicked all of these habits during the detox and now only chew 1-2 pieces of chewing gum a day, usually after a meal. I haven’t had Diet Coke or coffee.
  • I had several breakouts on my face during the detox – I chalked this up to the cleansing process. Two weeks later and my face is finally clearing. My blemishes are getting lighter and my skin appears a bit more vibrant with great shine and a heathy amount of oil.
  • My sleep has been amazing!!! I may have mentioned this in a previous post, but I have been sleeping more deeply with much clearer dreams. I love it ~ to me this means that my body is resting well when it should be.
  • I still feel great even though my detox has officially ended and because of this I have continued following a raw food diet – more on this later ;-). One of the many things I have been incredibly pleased with is how much food I can eat. For lunch and dinner I have a FULL PLATE of food, which I love! I enjoy not having to measure one cup of pasta (an incredibly tiny amount), or one cup of rice, or only two tablespoons of salad dressing. I’ve been able to enjoy whole, healthy food in abundance!
  • Finally, I watched a video from another woman who transitioned to a vegan diet and experienced a decrease in gas. I’d never thought of this until I attended a holistic health seminar on Thursday night and the speakers discussed that excessive gas can be a sign of other not so pleasant things going on in our bodies. All of this to say that an unrecognized, but welcomed addition to me changing my eating habits is less gas :-O.

Stay tuned for photos of some of the raw food meals I have been preparing. And thank you for reading  and please remember to like this post :-).


Part II: My Experience with dHerbs’s 20 Day Full Body Cleanse – 1 Week Post Detox


It’s been exactly one week since my dHerbs 20 day detox ended. As mentioned in my previous post, I postponed my long awaited cheat meal to figure out how I’d like to proceed in re my eating habits and overall diet. But before I get to that, let me update you on how I am feeling. One week after I stopped taking my supplements I still feel wonderful. I still feel extremely full on much less food than I imagined. I still feel light and refreshed after my meals. And I am still experimenting with new recipes. I am not sweating as much which affirms that a part of the elimination process was increased perspiration. I miss that … I miss knowing that my body is eliminating in multiple ways on a regular basis. The photo below is me after a moderately intense workout.


But otherwise, I have no regrets about the detox and highly recommend it for anyone who is serious about pressing “restart”.

I stuck with raw food through the week and up until last night when I finally had a cooked, vegan meal. After deciding that I was finally ready for a cooked meal, I visited Green Sprouts Vegetarian Restaurant. I read the reviews in hopes of making the best choices related to my meal. My spring rolls were delicious and so was the Mongolian “beef”. I didn’t care for the acclaimed “chicken” drumsticks or my Empire “chicken”. In spite of this, I still enjoyed my meal. The sauces were amazing and having steamed brown rice after weeks of no refined carbs created smiley faces in my mouth 🙂 (meals pictured below).


Nonetheless, I am back to my raw meals today and this week. So … what’s next?

I began experimenting with following a vegan diet in 2000 – 16 years ago. Up until that time I’d never even heard of anyone following a vegan diet or thinking of not eating meat. There aren’t many vegans in rural South Carolina 🙂. I enjoyed my phases of transitioning from vegetarian to being vegan. I was surprised at how many alternatives there were and how satisfying my meals could be even without meat. Enter Peace Corps and living in a remote village in West Africa and there went me following a vegan diet. But I didn’t feel bad about my choice. I knew exactly where my food was coming from; eating the same food as my host family allowed me to eat with them on a regular basis; and meat was considered a side dish – not the main staple of a meal. I returned to the U.S. in 2003 and maintained a vegetarian diet until I relocated once again in 2005. Since that time my diet has fluctuated from being completing vegan to eating almost everything under the sun. And unfortunately, my weight has followed these same fluctuations – not exclusively because of me being vegan or not, but because of how I tend to approach food overall when I’ve not followed a vegan diet.

After giving some serious thought to my experience with this detox, my overall health and what I have learned over the course of 15 years as a health educator, I am returning to a vegan diet. I’d like to emphasize that I am not returning to a vegan diet because I think it is the only way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, nor am I returning to a vegan diet because I think it is the best decision for everyone else. I wish I could say that I am joining the ranks for people who protest on behalf of animal rights or only buy vegan leather goods, but that is not a part of my present journey. I believe in compassion towards all beings, including animals, but that is not the main focus of my journey. I believe in a holistic lifestyle and perhaps that is the foundation of how I live much of my life – this overflows to how I spend my money, how I wear my hair, the products I purchase and use on  my skin and even in my home so it only seems right to complete the circle and allow this same care to overflow to what I eat.

With the aforementioned in mind, I am doing this because time and experience have proven that being vegan is the best decision for me. I tend to eat better, take better care of myself, practice healthy doses of indulgence and eat more intentionally when my options are focused on whole foods. I fundamentally believe that there are some serious issues with the way food – meat and dairy especially – is produced here in the U.S. This belief has never wavered regardless of what I ate.  And I also know that in my years of educating others about healthy choices, managing chronic diseases, decreasing risks of cancer and other related matters diets focused on whole grains, fruit and vegetables in abundance and limited animal products have always been consistent recommendations.

I am doing a few things differently this time. Unlike before, my diet will not consist of an overabundance of meat substitutes. You can read more about some of my new favorite recipes at Crazy, Sexy Wellness, LLC on Facebook or DrCherryBound on Instagram. As I prepare for another wonderful birthday here is to me taking better care of myself :-). Thanks for reading and stay tuned for additional updates throughout the summer!


My Experience with dHerbs’s 20 Day Full Body Cleanse



I won’t bore you with you the program details, so please go here to read more about the dHerbs 20 day full body detox.

As previously mentioned, after putting so much energy into school during these last two years I am committed to spending the summer refocusing on my physical health. I have found that detoxes or fasting of some sort gives me time to step away from the table – literally – exercise some discipline and really decide what the next steps to achieving and maintaining my ideal of optimal health will be. These practices in self-restraint have always served as a physical restart for me, but the trick is finding the right one that also fits into my schedule. This time around I decided to try something new … dHerbs’s  20 day full body detox.

I found out about dHerbs from a friend and classmate. She highly recommended the product so I made plans to start the detox at the beginning of the year. I ordered my shipment from a 3rd party retailer and after waiting for over a month with numerous failed attempts to find out the status of my order, I found myself awaiting a refund and without a detox to jumpstart my year. This time I decided to go directly to the vendor; my order arrived in less than 5 days! After my package arrived I still had about a week to review the contents, get my recipes together and create some sort of game plan.

The first week was novel – almost exciting. Each day I woke up to eagerly see if I noticed any changes: had anything different occurred in the way my body looked or felt; did I have more or less energy; what was happening with my skin; what about my weight? The second and third weeks were painful. While I had begun to experiment with more raw food recipes, I found myself craving cooked food. And my last few days seemed like a breakthrough. After planning my post detox meal carefully and excitedly for nearly two weeks – down to the dessert – I realized that a cheat meal could wait.  I wanted to bask a little longer in the feeling I’d gained from doing the detox; push myself a little harder; and sort of what the remainder of my summer would look like in reference to my fitness and weight loss goals.

The remainder of this post will focus on what the challenges and rewards were for me during my detox. While I am satisfied with my weight loss, that is not the focus of this post. You can hear more about the weight loss experiences of others on YouTube.

What I loved:

  • Surprisingly, I had tons of energy during the day. I was expecting to be tired and drained after such a drastic change in my diet, but my experience was quite the opposite.
  • I found new food choices! I have been experimenting with vegan and vegetarian food for nearly 20 years now and have NEVER even heard of cashew cheese! I made my own almond milk for the first time. I made raw hummus and loved it. I made chocolate coconut chia pudding (YUM!). I made a salad dressing that I actually found addicting. The point is I discovered and made great food … and actually enjoyed it!
  • I was a lot more satisfied than I thought. I expected to be hungry all the time. I’ve done the master cleanse, Weight Watchers, calorie monitoring using MyFitnessPal and more; I experienced hunger in all of these programs, even if only during the first week of two. It was surprising to me just how filling raw nuts, a huge salad with an assortment of veggies or even a well thought out smoothie could be!
  • I discovered new communities! Who knew there are so many raw and vegan foodies out there. There are more restaurants, Facebook groups, Instagram pages and bloggers than I ever knew – way more than my first experience with being vegan in 2000. It’s wonderful to have access to so many recipes, folks giving product reviews and simple e-encouragement.
  • With all of this focus on intentionally choosing what I ate, it should be no surprise that I felt better mentally and spiritually. I just felt and still feel a bit calmer – I am sure this is also because of me exercising regularly again – clearer and a lot more confident. I felt and feel like I am investing in myself, which just helps me feel more in tune inside and out.

What I didn’t care for:

  • If you read the product description, you know that the detox includes taking 6 rounds of supplements each day plus an activated charcoal drink before bed. While I didn’t experience any noticeable side effects from the supplements, it was a lot to take pills every 2-3 hours. I set 7 extra alarms on my phone just to help me remember.
  • THAT’S IT. Taking the supplements was the only thing I didn’t like.

Final thoughts: I feel amazing! Could I have initiated these feelings by making other changes in my life? Of course! But was this the best route for me during this time in my life? ABSOLUTELY! This was just what I needed to refocus, recharge and RESTART! I will continue blogging about my #90days2wellness throughout this summer, but feel free to follow me on Instagram @DrCherryBound or Facebook @Crazy Sexy Wellness, LLC to see what recipes I am trying, fitness routines I am dong or learn more about my journey (back) to wellness :-).

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