As an avid reader and writer I love and appreciate this article!


improve-my-writing-skills-first-drafts-are-crapI’ve recently had the privilege of undertaking a writing retreat to get my contributions to a book on childhood and religion I’m co-editing completed. I managed to get far more writing done than I normally can, which led to think ‘why?’.

First things first, writing isn’t easy, but it is immensely satisfying. It’s great to get something down on paper, which you may have wrestled with, and which expresses precisely what you want to say.

Below are a few thoughts about the writing process: they are more practical than profound; personal than universally applicable.

  1. Have somewhere you can hide away for a few hours. In the course of a normal week I might write in a number of different places. A coffee shop, at the kitchen table,  or on a train, are more often than not more effective places to write than at my desk, or in a library. I think…

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