In the beginning it seemed like I had so much time – 3 whole months!!! And now that classes begin in just 8 days I am wondering if my summer lived it to my dreams.

It did! May began with a bang and things didn’t quiet down until 2 months later: volunteerism; internships; work; friendly catch-ups; girlfriend outings; sleep-filled nights; blogging; traveling; eating (a little too much :-)); and evening and weekend cocktails … my summer gave me all I needed and more. Here are just a few of my summer lessons:

  • I HAVE to rest!
  • And all the same, the hustle does not sleep.
  • Life calls for balance in all areas and this is not always so clear to see or create.
  • There are many things in life worth letting go.
  • Just because I can, it doesn’t mean I should.
  • If I never try, how will I ever know what’s possible.
  • I can and I will have the desires of my heart; the dreams planted deeply by God within my soul.

And now that it’s still for classes to resume and a host of new opportunity to commence, I am excited! I am excited about my new assistantship and board appointment. I am excited about a new award I received and a summer project coming to an end. I am excited that I can finally count down to the end of my coursework and begin dissertation writing.

I am thankful for a summer filled with fellowship, love, hard work, relaxation and rejuvenation. Fall semester, watch out – here I come ;-)!!!