I love the quote pictured above! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked with people about pursuing their dreams and they’ve said things like: “after the children start high school” or “at the end of the year” or “at the beginning of next year.” In case you haven’t realized it, there is NEVER a perfect time to pursue your passions!

Just in case my decision to submit my notice and return to school as referenced in my previous post seemed seamless and without conflict, let me assure you that it was not! There I was: salaried and gainfully employed, corner office, excellent benefits and a great deal of flexibility. Although I loved the service aspect of my job, I was becoming weary of my role within oncology and how it fit with my ideals of what my professional life would be. While no job brings non-stop sparkles and whistles, my day-to-day overwhelmingly lacked passion.

Following my resignation and gradual transition to part time work, I was punching a time clock for the first time since undergraduate college. I left my corner office for a cubicle and was making a little more than half my former salary. I was chasing a dream that I had no way of assuring would become a reality – but I took a leap!

In Steve Jobs’ 2008 Stanford commencement speech, he stated (paraphrasing) that we never know if things will line up as we are making our decisions. We can only hope that they will line-up in hindsight. Things have lined up – not without bumps. Not without unexpected challenges, but they have lined up.

Take the risk. Create your new and best life. Live your dreams. You can always return to the old if things don’t work out.