Although my Spring Break was over almost 3 weeks ago, I still remember it fondly. 3 days away from the city, in the mountains with NO homework! It was amazing – lots of sleep, relaxation and restoration. I returned ready to complete the semester and feeling like I have the time, energy and commitment to do so.

But this trip was important to me for other reasons. It reminded me of how important it is to pace myself. I am often going nonstop, moving from one project to another to the point of exhaustion. Even when I am resting, I am thinking of my checklists and if I remembered to line everything else up for the next day. I am surrounded by lists and calendars and have found myself “scheduling” my down time.

While some may say that this is the nature of life for a full time student who also works, my Spring Break reminded me that it does not have to be. Yes, I have deadlines and more than enough on my plate to juggle, but everything will get done in due time. It’s okay to take a break. It’s okay to relax. It’s okay to let an item or 2 remain on the to-do list for tomorrow or even the next day. It is okay to take it one day at a time :-).