The end of February is just a few days away and all month my mind has been dominated by thoughts of the lessons I have learned about loving and being loved. I can credit this to many things, including my mom’s birthday, all the incredibly cheesy Valentine’s Day cards, stuffed animals and balloons that I saw this month, a very special anniversary and an even more special celebration. So in honor of the aforementioned, I am sharing a more intimate version of my lessons in love. Enjoy!

  • I am not always right.
  • Even when I am, I don’t have to make it known ;-).
  • It’s not that helpful to continuously point out the flaws and shortcomings of the person you love. Unfortunately, the world will do that for you.
  • Our home should remain a place of peace, love and comfort … there will never be another place like it.
  • “Please” and “Thank You” go a long way.
  • As long as we are on the same page, no one else has to approve or agree.
  • There is always time to celebrate.
  • Creating time for love – cultivating love, making love, nurturing love – is essential.
  • Forgiveness is the 2nd best medicine … laughter is indeed the first.
  • Remember why you started, how far you’ve come and where you’d like to go.

I met the love of my life during the month of February exactly 8 years ago. When people say love is a roller coaster, I don’t think those of us on the other side truly understand what this means. We have experienced more than either of us ever imagined – the wonderful, the not so good and the very ugly. Since the creation of my blog I have never, ever talked about my marriage – I do this because I feel that so much of our lives are unprotected, exploited and undermined so I try my best to hold sacred and private those things that truly matter – however, on today I just want to say that being in love and loving someone like him is one of the greatest gifts of my life. Each day I learn so much more about forgiveness, kindness and the true gifts of life. If you are reading this post and have learned some valuable lessons in love, please take a moment to share below. Please and thank you ;-).