LovePrevails2Tomorrow is the first day of February and I find myself asking “where has the time gone already?” Just 4 days after the New Year classes resumed :-/. While I am pleased that this means I will be done by the end of April, it still felt a little premature with me not accomplishing nearly as much during the break as I desired or imagined. Before I knew it, I was back in school, back at work and back to teaching a couple of classes during the week and on the weekends. And likewise, before I knew it the year had just started and I was exhausted already.

What did I do? I decided to treat myself to a spa visit. I decided to slow down a bit. I decided to prioritize my schedule and let a few more things go. I regrouped. So I start the month of February feeling a bit more refreshed. My healthier eating habits attempts have already fallen to the side, but I am getting back on track. Exercising has been good and probably the best that it will be with this semester’s schedule. And love … yes, love has been incredibly wonderful.

If you’ve read my posts for some time, you may have noticed that there are a few things that I never blog about in any explicit terms: work, my family or my intimate relationships. I have maintained this position both here and in other forms of social media not only to protect my own privacy, but the privacy of those that I could potentially write about. Therefore, this post is no different 🙂 – while I will share a few thoughts on love in 2015 they will be in no explicit terms.

Back to the post … so love. Yes, love. I believe that I have always known how important love is; love from family, friends and significant others. And I have also learned that all of these forms are love are needed (at least by me) as I recall various periods throughout my life when I have felt void in one or more areas and the longing that often accompanied these periods. Nearly 8 years ago I became acquainted with love in a way that I’d never known. 3 years ago it was love entangled with anticipation, hope and faith that nearly tore our life apart. 2 years ago I questioned love desperately and began to rethink just what it all meant. And 8 months ago I was reminded of just how wonderful and multifaceted love can be.

Today I celebrate love: the beauty of love; the wholeness of love; the healing power of love; the restoration of love; the comfort of love; the joy of love; the ecstasy of love; the passion of love. Today I am so very thankful to love and be loved by so many others. One month in to the New Year in the midst of so many happenings in the world and my life, love prevails. I love love and am so grateful that love seems to love me just as much.