SpecialBirthdayEach year I take a pause before, on or shortly after my birthday to reflect on the blessings of celebrating another year, as well as where I’ve been, where I am and where I hope I am headed. This year was no different. After quite a bit of travel over the last few years and a little too much movement during what is supposed to be a “summer vacation,” I opted for a road trip to the Midwest. Yes, to the Midwest – through the beautiful rolling hills of Tennessee and Kentucky – and I couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing and peaceful drive. Our final destination was a weekend with family and friends, once again the perfect getaway.

During the drive and a few stolen moments while away, I continued to take mini breaks to journal and reflect on my life up until this point: what lessons have I learned? Am I actively using those lessons? Am I pleased with the choices I’ve made? What will I attempt to do differently in the coming years? Are there people I need to reconnect with? Forgive?

These and other questions such as these are what occupied many of my quiet moments. During most years, I am either actively living my dreams or preparing to make a shift to get closer to them. This year was such a pleasant affirmation of this trend. Although a few things have shifted around in the last couple of years, I can’t say that I am displeased – or perplexed – by the positioning that I find myself in. Mid-year I am on target with my goals for the year and my vision board reflects much of this. I am not only excited about where I am – personally and professionally – but I have made decisions that shape both my immediate and distant future as they relate to me fully using my gifts and talents, embracing and nurturing sacred time with loved ones, and creating spaces to listen and grow closer to the divine forces in my life. I am pleased!

So this year as I share just a snippet of my birthday reflections, I close by asking you if your life reflects the same. Are you currently living or working on living a life that is indicative of your authentic self? Are you making strides to ensure that you’re operating fully in and with the gifts you’ve been granted? When your next birthday rolls around will you indeed be pleased?