As I imagine is the case for many, I have my moments – sometimes weeks or months at a time – when I can’t find my writing mojo. And then there are others when I am overwhelmed with writing topics. Today was and is one such day, so I am entitling these next few short posts Sunday Musings.

My Mother’s Love

Mothers Love

As we prepare for Mother’s Day and I prepare for a visit from my mom, my mind has begun to bring forth many pleasant thoughts of her. This morning while getting dressed for church, I thought of our one of our Sunday morning rituals while growing up at home: she is up at 5am cooking and shortly thereafter Gospel music is blasting over the radio speakers. The songs that I often hear on the radio today remind me of those mornings – all that happened in our home before we reached the church ground. And while sitting in church today, I thought that God found time to craft her life in ways that have helped me to become so much of who I am. Her love and her support, but also her decisions, her sacrifices, and the lessons I learned about life through watching her many struggles have crafted me into the woman I am continuing to become. In spite of the hardships we encountered as I grew up and many that she continues to endure today, I now know that any deviation in our story would alter my present being. As I prepare to celebrate yet another milestone with my mother, I am so very thankful for her love. I am thankful for her attempts to mother me in the best ways she knew. I am thankful that even when my decisions were and continue to be so different from her own life’s path, she cradles me with loving arms and says I am proud of you!