Circles2I started my weekend by celebrating with the people that I have spent a great deal of the last two years of my life with – my classmates. We had an amazing time and by the looks of the smiles and laughter, I believe that our time together on Friday night was a much needed stress release.

On yesterday and today, I spent time with women I have known for 15 years – my sorority sisters. And once again, our time together was filled with laughter, tears and memories of past moments together.

As I traveled to and from events this weekend, I kept thinking about the circles that form my life. I have my (biological) family circle that quite extensively includes my parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and surrogate people that I either grew up with or had the pleasure of being mentored by while away from home. I have my Morris Brown family – those fundamental years when I was learning so very much about myself and all that I wanted to become. It was also during this time that my Greek Like family was formed – people that I have kept in contact with up until this day, who continue to add an incredible richness to my life. My Peace Corps circle is comprised of a group of people – much like the others – that I can never forget. Many, many miles away from home bonds were created with strangers that I’m not sure my path would have ever crossed with otherwise. My USC circle, my Vegas circle, my PLT circle and now my Emory circle have all added to my life in immeasurable ways.

As I look toward the immediate days ahead, another birthday this year, and even the fall with all its anticipation, I am grateful for so many ways to see the world. It is through these circles that I have wrestled with who I am, what I am and exactly what I am doing here.  These are the circles that keep me striving to be the absolute best that I am be, while also reminding me of the simple pleasures in life. These are the circles that make me whole. I am thankful for each and every one of them, even as the blessings of life allow me to create more.