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denim day

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  We all have a responsibility to help increase awareness and we can play a role in preventing sexual violence by standing up to promote respect and safety in the workplace and elsewhere.

When we hear the term “sexual violence,” we often think of rape. However, sexual violence can refer to any type of unwanted sexual contact, ranging from sexist attitudes, words and harassment to rape and murder (National Sexual Violence Resource Center). Any verbal threat, manipulation, stalking, force or coercion of a sexual nature is NOT okay.

One way to “stand up” is to participate in Denim Day this Wednesday, April 23. This international day of action originated from a 1992 Italian court case in which the conviction of a rapist was overturned.  Because the survivor was wearing tight women’s jeans, the judge ruled that “she had to help the accused remove them…

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