After all the excitement finally settled, I realized that I just signed up for 3 additional years – at a minimum – of school. While this is a prayer answered and a dream come true, I must also acknowledge that it further delays others dreams. As someone who has worked in the professional world and is now considered a nontraditional student, I know all too well the pleasantries of a salaried position, personal office space and employer-sponsored benefits. I also know what it is like to decide on a vacation destination and book the trip … without delay. But when my thoughts get too far away from me, I gently find my center by reminding myself that there are things that I will gain both now and later.

Through honoring my decision to return to school, I am submitting to an immediate future that allows me to pursue my interest areas and hopefully make significant contributions to my field of study. I am submitting to long-term future opportunities that I believe will fully allow me to use my gifts (see previous post) in arenas that I currently do not have access to. I am also riding on the certainty that my “later” will be better than any “nows” I have experienced.  With that I move forward – another three years. I promise to check in and let you know how things turn out :-).