I’ve been thinking a lot of about writing lately … how much to write, when to write, who am I writing to, who is reading what I am writing, will I ever get paid to write … should I keep writing. And tonight as I sit to write, I am reminded of how therapeutic it is for me to write. It is a healing ritual for me. With that acknowledgement comes fear of writing for others. In what ways will I lose myself to in attempt to meet deadlines, drive sales or present a pre-scribed script? In the meantime, I sit to write – for me.

I attended a school event on Friday. It was the first time that I’d seen my classmates dressed in formal wear. As we greeted each other with warmth, I am sure that we also brought much surprise to the occasion: wow, this is what you look like with full make-up, in a suit, in a gown etc. It allowed me to view them, and them me, in a different light. On the next day a classmate texted this to me: “Sabrina, you were so beautiful last night, a vision of love and wholeness. Self-care looks radiant on you, my friend. It’s so inspiring to behold. Thank you for shining brightly so that the rest of us want to do the same.” This message warmed my heart and I assured her that I would keep it.

A vision of love and wholeness. As I am constant driving to be well in all areas of my life, I pause tonight to ask what does it mean to be whole? To be well? When I created Crazy, Sexy Wellness it was out of the awareness that being well is so much more than exercise and diet. What areas of my life have I near-mastered being well and what areas do I continue to struggle in? In what ways do you foster your own wellness and wholeness? What sacrifices must be made during the process? What things are you willing to let go of to ensure that you remain well and whole? What people, i.e. relationships, will you allow to diminish if it means that you can become a little more whole?

As I continue to holding dear and pondering my classmate’s sentiments, I struggle even in this moment with my wellness and my wholeness. It is a constant journey that I embark upon each day. I am constantly making decisions about when, where and how I can and will navigate my wholeness. I promise myself to continue writing through it … writing to wellness. I like that.