View of Robbin Island from Table Mountain ~ Photo Taken During 2010 Visit to South Africa 

Today during my study break I went to see Mandela and it was just as emotionally charged as I thought it would be. As is usually the case with movies of this sort, my mind began to visit and revisit my own life. As I watched the film chronicle Mr. Mandela’s life, I thought about what would happen if I lived every day in my very own purpose? What things would I do differently? What activities would remain the same? Who would fall away from my circle? Who would I remain connected to?

As the film continued, I also recalled a conversation I had with a very good friend last week. During our visit, we chatted about a number of things, including marriage. It was during that time that she shared with me that a friend of hers recently expressed that her marriage is her ministry – that she believes she was created for that very purpose.

I’d never heard anyone state it as such, but as I listened I realized that I have several friends who I believe would say the same. Likewise, I have friends who I believe were created and gifted with the ministry of parenting in mind – this is what they do wholeheartedly and they are completely satisfied operating in this gift.

The movie continued and so did my thoughts. There have been times when I have looked to and spoken with the aforementioned friends and asked – or wondered – if they wanted more. Didn’t they have other dreams? Desires? Goals? Sometimes the answer was yes, often it was “no.” It wasn’t until tonight that I realized that this is perfectly okay. The world needs more people who operate in their gift(s), i.e. remain in their lane and find complete satisfaction doing so.

And all the same, the world needs those who are gifted with alternative, nontraditional gifts and life purposes to do just the same. At this season of my life and actually for quite some time, I have been unable to be satisfied with status quo – I have felt a longing and burning desire for something different. I have felt gifted to do something other than … This does not make my path better – or worse – than those who I mentioned, but it does make it my path: to be embraced, nurtured, pursued and sometimes endured.

It has taken me almost eighteen years to figure out why I feel different. Why I seem to always chase dreams. Why I can’t just be happy with a “normal life.” Tonight I embrace my gifts, I embrace my calling. Today I commit to operating in the fullness of my gifts and embracing others as they do the same.