2013 was an absolutely amazing year!!! I started the year out in Washington, DC with thousands – literally – of my sorority sisters for the 100th year anniversary of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. In March, a Peace Corps buddy and I spent a week in Sonoma for my spring break. In May, I finished my first full year back in school and prepared to start teaching at the womens’ prison for 3 months. In July, I traveled to Jamaica and had a blast!!! I started school again in September and had another wonderful trip to the Dominican Republic in November. On top of all of this, I celebrated the one year anniversary of Carter’s Corner (thank you again for your support), exceeded 80 blog posts, rediscovered my love for dancing, finally garnered the courage to start Crazy, Sexy Wellness, applied to PhD programs, shed 50 lbs and started weight training – not in that order :-).

2013 was about releasing the old: old relationships, old hurts, old beliefs, old habits; and embracing the new: a new lifestyle, a renewed sense of self and purpose, new passion, a new way of living. I am still figuring things out, but I have come a LONG way in 2013. Here are some of my takeaway lessons:

– Sometimes taking the first step is the hardest

– Loving someone – even friends – does NOT mean I have to be in relationship with them (I have had to learn this time and time again)

– Doors are closed for a reason

–  Delayed does NOT mean denied (an oldie, but goodie)

– I have a truth to speak, a story to share, a voice to be heard – there is no benefit in silencing any of the aforementioned because some are uncomfortable with it

– My health IS my greatest wealth

– I had to travel many (figurative) miles away to realize I am exactly where I need to be

– Change is okay

– I can’t and won’t be able to take everyone along with me on my journey

– I am okay with that

– I am committed to service

– I can NOT live a life without passion and purpose

– Teach. Write. Dance. In that order ….

2013, I loved you long time. 2014 I am ready!!!