Hello and Happy (almost) New Year!!! LOL!

Every now and again I receive an email and instant message from someone sharing that I have inspired and/or encouraged them in one way or another. These messages NEVER get old and always, always warm my heart because they confirm that I am on the right track and doing what I am divinely gifted to do: encourage and inspire others. What good is the journey if not shared with others? What is the object of knowledge if not passed along? What joy is there in a gift that remains only in your presence?

With that said, I am doing a recap of 2013 – Part 1. This post is exclusively about my wellness journey. Note that I say wellness, because although many focus on the weight loss part, it is about so much more. It truly starts from the inside out: making up your mind to do what is needed. tailoring your heart to commit and recommit every day and loving yourself enough to endure the sacrifices. In an effort to avoid repetition, here is a recap of my journey from January until now:

That should bring us up to speed :-)!!! The journey has not been easy, but it has been worth it. I love myself more because I have chosen to be the healthiest possible version of me. I am no longer controlled by food and am in the process of kicking the sugar habit (the pits :-)). The only other things I will add is that: 1) my journey to becoming well has been lifelong, particularly in undergrad. All the things I do and practice now have come through reading, attending lectures and talking with people. My plan for this year started LAST year! I mapped out my goals, ordered my DVDs, began modifying my eating ALL before the year started. And 2) I found a form of exercise that I absolutely adore!!! There is absolutely nothing like working out and enjoying every moment of it. There is more on this coming later, but in the meantime find what you love and do it … a lot!!!

Here is to finishing 2013 strong and starting 2014 off with a bang!!!