2013 In Review



2013 was an absolutely amazing year!!! I started the year out in Washington, DC with thousands – literally – of my sorority sisters for the 100th year anniversary of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. In March, a Peace Corps buddy and I spent a week in Sonoma for my spring break. In May, I finished my first full year back in school and prepared to start teaching at the womens’ prison for 3 months. In July, I traveled to Jamaica and had a blast!!! I started school again in September and had another wonderful trip to the Dominican Republic in November. On top of all of this, I celebrated the one year anniversary of Carter’s Corner (thank you again for your support), exceeded 80 blog posts, rediscovered my love for dancing, finally garnered the courage to start Crazy, Sexy Wellness, applied to PhD programs, shed 50 lbs and started weight training – not in that order :-).

2013 was about releasing the old: old relationships, old hurts, old beliefs, old habits; and embracing the new: a new lifestyle, a renewed sense of self and purpose, new passion, a new way of living. I am still figuring things out, but I have come a LONG way in 2013. Here are some of my takeaway lessons:

– Sometimes taking the first step is the hardest

– Loving someone – even friends – does NOT mean I have to be in relationship with them (I have had to learn this time and time again)

– Doors are closed for a reason

–  Delayed does NOT mean denied (an oldie, but goodie)

– I have a truth to speak, a story to share, a voice to be heard – there is no benefit in silencing any of the aforementioned because some are uncomfortable with it

– My health IS my greatest wealth

– I had to travel many (figurative) miles away to realize I am exactly where I need to be

– Change is okay

– I can’t and won’t be able to take everyone along with me on my journey

– I am okay with that

– I am committed to service

– I can NOT live a life without passion and purpose

– Teach. Write. Dance. In that order ….

2013, I loved you long time. 2014 I am ready!!!


Because You Asked

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Because You Asked.

Because You Asked



Hello and Happy (almost) New Year!!! LOL!

Every now and again I receive an email and instant message from someone sharing that I have inspired and/or encouraged them in one way or another. These messages NEVER get old and always, always warm my heart because they confirm that I am on the right track and doing what I am divinely gifted to do: encourage and inspire others. What good is the journey if not shared with others? What is the object of knowledge if not passed along? What joy is there in a gift that remains only in your presence?

With that said, I am doing a recap of 2013 – Part 1. This post is exclusively about my wellness journey. Note that I say wellness, because although many focus on the weight loss part, it is about so much more. It truly starts from the inside out: making up your mind to do what is needed. tailoring your heart to commit and recommit every day and loving yourself enough to endure the sacrifices. In an effort to avoid repetition, here is a recap of my journey from January until now:

That should bring us up to speed :-)!!! The journey has not been easy, but it has been worth it. I love myself more because I have chosen to be the healthiest possible version of me. I am no longer controlled by food and am in the process of kicking the sugar habit (the pits :-)). The only other things I will add is that: 1) my journey to becoming well has been lifelong, particularly in undergrad. All the things I do and practice now have come through reading, attending lectures and talking with people. My plan for this year started LAST year! I mapped out my goals, ordered my DVDs, began modifying my eating ALL before the year started. And 2) I found a form of exercise that I absolutely adore!!! There is absolutely nothing like working out and enjoying every moment of it. There is more on this coming later, but in the meantime find what you love and do it … a lot!!!

Here is to finishing 2013 strong and starting 2014 off with a bang!!!



My Last Day

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Today is my last day at my current job. I have been with my employer for three and a half year in 2 different positions. When I originally came here, it was on a whim … a chance to explore a new arena in health care administration. Last year when I decided to go back to school and transition to a part time, hourly-pay position, it was a faith walk. A year and a half later, I can say with full confidence that I don’t regret any part of the journey.

I don’t regret leaving my previous employer to come here and try something new. It provided an amazing leadership opportunity and the chance to learn about the vast world of oncology. I don’t regret leaving my salaried position – which amounted to a little more than half of what I was making – moving from my corner office to a cubicle and punching in and out for the first time since I was in undergrad; it afforded me the opportunity to pursue a vision that was placed in my heart with little revelation on the minute details of the journey. And even as I pack up my remaining belongings on today, I don’t regret taking the next big leap to live out my dreams in EVERY area of my life and not waste another minute functioning below my mental, physical and spiritual capacity.

When I look back, I must say that I have not been without any of my needs and very little of my wants. I have spent the year traveling and managed to do pretty well in school, even while working part time. I’ve had some amazing opportunities to teach and participate in public health research again. And I have recommitted to my personal health (more on that in a later post). There is a lot in store during the year ahead and I will be sure to keep you posted, but for now the question is what are you waiting for?

This post is simply to share with whoever may be questioning the next big step, or refusing to move because of fear, or waiting for the perfect moment to pursue your dreams and passions. This post is simply to say that the time is NOW. If the universe has placed a dream in your heart, it is NOT your job to work out the minor details ~ just take the first step. Don’t settle for what’s easy, while undermining what is excellent. What are you waiting for? 

Gone, But Never Forgotten


mandela As I was leaving campus today, I thought about my next blog post and resigned that it would be on relationships: choosing them, reigniting them, walking away from them, evaluating them … This decision was sparked by remembering a quote that a friend sent to me and asked my opinion” “The way that people treat you is a reflection of who they are and not who you are.” I thought long and hard about this and the premise of my post was going to be a personal sharing of sorts in re relationships that I have chosen at different points in my life.

However, I came home, took a quick nap and woke up to a text message about Nelson Mandela’s transition. My heart is broken!!! I knew I needed and wanted to blog, but how can I put into words why this hurts me so deeply? I began to think about the intersection of both events: my reflection on relationships and the death of Nelson Mandela.

As an adult, I have spent a great deal of time looking at my relationships, walking away from people, choosing to re-engage with people or some variation of the two. Often times, it seems like I am one of few people doing this: consciously choosing what I want in my life and what we share once they are there. One of the main reasons I do this is because of the inspiration I have received from people like Mandela.

I don’t think I will be remembered as he will be, nor will my life have as great of an impact as his BUT I do want to be remembered. I do want my life to be both purposeful and intentional. I do want it to be said that I lived a life of service, of giving, of inspiring – if even only a few. And this, my friend, is so intrinsically aligned with who and how I spend my time.

I now understand relationships of convenience, as well as those of obligation. I know understand co-dependent relationships and those that are only self-serving. I now get what it means to be in a relationship when we are the only ones giving, but rarely receiving support, inspiration or anything more that time lost. And I know now what it means to choose relationships when we are less than our best selves.

But I also know what a difference it makes when my circle is affirming and supportive. I know what it means to have people call my cards and remind me that there is work to be done. I now appreciate those who say, remember when … remember who … remember the forgotten.

I’d like to believe that Mr. Mandela chose his circle well. He aligned himself with those who were willing to walk the risky paths with him. He aligned himself with those who loved and sacrificed ~ those who gave of themselves for a greater and grander cause. I believe that Mr. Mandela choose. So I, too, choose.

Gone, but never ever forgotten.

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