ThankfulIt can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the next best thing or what tomorrow, next week, next month or next year will bring. But I am working on living in the present and being thankful for the simple things, as well as the big grand things I often take for granted. So today I want to take a few moments to record all that I am thankful for.

I am thankful for:

  • The courage to walk away from any person, thing, or activity that does not serve my higher self or help me on the road to becoming better.******* (This is a daily struggle for me, but I am SO incredibly proud of the courage to say good-bye, time and time again – even when that is accompanied by “I love you, but …”)
  • My family and friends – there is so much overlap until I can’t separate them. I LOVE them.
  • A commitment to be fit this year ~ I’ve never been on any program this consistently or done anything I enjoy as much as dancing. Nor have I ever found such a wonderful circle of supportive friends (new and old) to share the journey with.
  • Forgiveness – there is no good in holding grudges or rehashing wrongs. I am so thankful that I know how to forgive AND that I know forgiveness does not necessarily mean relationship restoration.
  • Courage and faith to continue to pursue my dreams regardless of what the “stakes” are: I have left jobs, moved across the country, moved out of the country, given employment opportunities a try … gone back to school all as a faith walk and a journey that I KNOW is leading to my destiny. I have NO regrets.
  • New friends. I have kept my door open so I have to give thanks that I continue to meet amazingly, loving, supportive and wonderful people.
  • Gifts to share with the world – what good is life if we are only always on the receiving end.
  • Financial Favor – I do some foolish and sometimes careless things with my money (my philosophy is that it is just money and will come again – good times/great memories are not as easily accessible), but I am SOOO incredibly thankful that I have and know that I will always be blessed financially. One thing I did this year was give MORE. Therefore, I also believe that when we give freely and openly, the universe will bring it right back to us.
  • I am thankful for such a genuine appreciation for art in all forms: visual art, dance***, music, fashion, poetry … Art gives me life and I am thankful that I can see, taste, feel and appreciate it.
  • The courage to be different. ‘Nuff said.
  • The humility to say “I’m sorry.”
  • The acknowledgement that ALL of my relationships – past and present – are a direct reflection of how I feel about myself. I commit to never again choosing any relationship, nurturing ANY relationship that represents less than my best self. This is applicable to ALL relationships.
  • A mother, family and friends who genuinely pray for me.
  • A love of reading and writing.
  • People who love me and so many people that I love!!!!
  • This life. My life. For this I am thankful.
  • Those of you who read this post, support my blog and/or support “Crazy, Sexy Wellness.” I am thankful for YOU!!!