It’s that little voice inside that says try harder. This isn’t a good fit for you. This is your passion. You deserve better. You can do it! S/he loves you. It is time … time to leave, time to search, time to move on, time to forgive, time to love, time to apologize. It’s the butterflies in your stomach, the flutters in your chest. It’s that feeling inside. It’s your intuition. It’s the God in you. Listen. Obey. Follow. Adhere. But never allow someone to convince you that your inner voice is dishonest.

Perhaps at times it can be irrational – LOL – or too quick to jump to conclusions without all the facts. Maybe it’s a little insecure and causes you to see things that really aren’t there. Or maybe it’s just a little fragile as it attempts to heal from past hurts and disappointments, but it’s still your life meter. Never allow anyone to force you to disengage from it.

Maybe it is fussy and won’t allow much quiet time. Maybe it’s obnoxious and makes it difficult to see your wrongs. Perhaps it’s even selfish at times and weans for attention. But it’s your pulse … never allow someone to make you become numb to it.

Honor your voice. Honor your heart. Honor the God in you.