When I initially started thinking about creating a blog, my first thoughts were there are a gazillion blogs already out there – why add to the list? But then I had to remind myself that this was my blog, for me to openly express my thoughts and feelings and continue to have a space for creative writing.

Much along the same lines, when I thought of creating a Facebook page I looked at my own habits and the dozens of Facebook pages I “like.” Some still inspire me, few I check daily and others I have liked, but turned off the notifications and alerts. But this is my page, for my very own continuous stream of random thoughts, ideas, questions, goals, gripes and moments of encouragement along my journey to be healthier.

The concept of Crazy Sexy Wellness (CSW) is that fitness does not always start in the gym and wellness is not simply about exercise and diet. My fitness journey – as I have discussed many times here – started with light yoga and evolved primarily though various forms of dance. Although I incorporate more traditional forms of exercise, including spin and running, dance is my primary and favorite way to “work out.” Likewise, wellness is so much more that what we eat and how many days a week we exercise. Many of us neglect the simple pleasures and stress relievers like taking a few minutes a day for ourselves, seeking professional counseling when needed, evaluation – and eliminating – unhealthy relationships, and the list goes on. CSW is dedicated to attaining and continually fostering total wellness.

I am not selling any products or recommending any special creams, wraps or diets; I am simply creating yet another space where I can share my voice and hopefully inspire others along the way. So here is to acknowledging that even with all the plethora of voices in the world, there is still space for yours … and mine too :-). “Like me” on FB: Crazy, Sexy Wellness”