… to the limit

Tour de Pink


This weekend I completed my very first 15 mile bike race and it was simply amazing. I couldn’t believe that I was out there with real cyclists peddling through the wind. And the fact that I was cycling for an amazing cause made my ride that much more special. I took my head phones with me and I was happy I did … so for 15 miles it mainly me, my music and the wind. It was a wonderful experience and a great time for contemplation.

I took time to think back over the year. Five 5ks, one bike race and 50 lbs later this year has been one for the books – and I still have 3 months to go! I thought about being back in school, but also looking forward to graduation. I thought about the friendships lost and gained … the love I have gained and the love I’ve given. I spent a great deal of time being thankful for having the courage to recreate my life … my reality … my happy place.

On the day before October 1st I have to say that I am excited about the remainder of the year and all that next year has in store. I am looking for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years races to participate in. I have begun researching a few residual income options. I have found a new and wonderful circle of friends who model and encourage my new lifestyle. I have my very first trial client for wellness trial. I am more fit and more healthy than I have ever been!!! So this is just ME sharing with YOU my (new) happy place.