Another Great Re-Post: Life Class: What We Want, We Already Have!

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An excerpt from a post by one of my favorite bloggers:

While my ambitions remain, and my desires to reach my personal and professional goals are still the focus I widen my lens to now more often than not raise a toast to the depth of the friendships I’ve been able to experience and enjoy.  May you too, also make time to acknowledge life’s kindness and thank your “lucky stars” for all that’s great in your world. Gratitude is so potent that it can’t be contained, and like love creates an overflow from which comes more great things into your life.


Too Beautiful Not To Re-post: Beautiful Goodbyes

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A re-post from Danielle Dowling

You crave it.
And it craves you.
The romance.
The career.
The chance.

So you start hoping, plotting, aspiring + reaching.
You make a well thought-out plan to get it.
There is strategy, accountability, “to-do,” lists + monthly objectives.

You want it and you want it bad.
And one day? You get it.

It’s a love affair of shiny goodness.
Elation + met expectations.
It doesn’t get any better than this!


Fading, fleeting, crumbling, deteriorating, “IT” begins to die.
You resist + repress until goodbye becomes painfully, obviously imminent.

“Damn it,” you tell yourself, “I hate goodbyes.”
“They never go well. I’m no good at this.”
Goodbyes are awkward at best + dismantling at worst.

With your focus on the impending loss, you visualize the words
“the end” flashing in neon across your heart.
You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, you rationalize.
You hate to put anyone through pain. It crushes you to see THAT look on anyone’s face.

So you delay, ignore, fail to return calls, miss meetings,
forget to make the payment.
All the while, you’re (inadvertently) twisting the blunt
knife avoidance to deadly depths.

There’s a better way, brilliant one.
Ditch the drama.

Goodbyes don’t need to be riddled with defensiveness, apathy,
or disrespect.
You have a choice.

What if you aspired, instead, to create only ‘beautiful goodbyes’?
Regardless of how ‘they’ may act or how unnerving
the circumstance may be.

What if you could wrap each ‘ending’ up into a
cocoon of pleasant closure?

You can.

Respect your life more + demand an answer to the question
what worked?
How did I grow as result of this?
What was beautiful about this?

– then— tell them.

OR if this goodbye is just between you + the past….bow your head
+ whisper to your heart.

Muster the bravery to very lovingly, calmly say:
I loved you while I could. As best as I could. With all I could.
Thank you for you. When I had you.
Good luck.

A goodbye that honors the pain of parting + the joy of the experience
is a real gift to mankind. It echoes a respect for humanity’s light + dark sides.

Thank you, goodbye.

Helllllloooo, here and now!

Before Picture

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Perhaps this picture from August of last year will help you understand my series of posts about my wellness journey … Me >200lbs. Sabrina - Wedding Shot

What Did YOU Do This Summer???








Classes begin for me next week and if the recent influx of emails about school-related activities hasn’t served as a reminder, the weather change, traffic and fall/winter attire in department stores surely do.

When I think back on my summer, I can say that I am pleased with how it has gone thus far. Although I spent time catching up with friends and family, getting some rest and traveling, I also spent a great deal of time focusing on my personal health and wellness. I got up to speed on any appointments I’d missed during the semester, tried some new things – including acupuncture – and challenged myself physically with new workouts. I become introduced to some new fitness communities and affirmed the activities that I love. The photo grid above represents a large part of my journey – running 5ks for the first time in my life! I ran my first in March and the last one captured was in June.

Over the last few weeks I have run in to people who I haven’t seen in a while. A few of them have commented “you like great – what did you do,” but some seem disappointed when my answer is simply “exercise and change my eating habits.” Yesterday as I thought about this more – and the slight possibility of encountering a similar situation when I return to school next week – I realized that I actually did do more. In an effort to take better care of myself and shed some excess lbs I:

– Focused on wellness vs. just loosing weight

– I continually and continuously work on eliminating toxic people from my life

– Cleaned up my diet – for me this meant not only returning to a vegan diet, but substantially limiting processed vegetarian options

– I found exercises I like and stuck with them; this includes group fitness, dancing, hot yoga, spin, and an occasional 5k run/walk

– I set a series of short and long-term goals: goals for the day, the week, the month, 3 months and 6 months

– I found a community of people who not only support my new lifestyle, but practice it as well

– I revisited things that worked, including rejoining Weight Watchers last week

So yes, I did do a little more than just go to the gym and workout 🙂 🙂 🙂

Being You ~ Being Me


Being Me







This post was sparked by two events that occurred last week. Last week in class one of my students said that once she explains to people why she responds to situations the way she does they understand her better and don’t (pre)judge her the same or as much; and a few days earlier I posted this on my Facebook page “Why are we following people who are not headed where we want to go – or worse yet – aren’t headed anywhere at all?”

As the week progressed I kept thinking back to these two instances. In response to my student I shared that it is my belief that people who genuinely want to get to know her and befriend her won’t care as much about her background and will instead focus more on who she is today. I don’t believe she or I or anyone else should ever have to spend uber amounts of time giving people historical contexts. I believe these things will come up naturally – over time. Unfortunately, too often our explanations mask themselves as us justifying who we are and trying to convince others that we truly are – or aren’t – who or what they think of us.  I have found myself engaged in endless conversations attempting to help someone understand why I do things the way I do or why my approach is as it is … when in reality my “true” and genuine friends never ask; they accept and learn as we go – as I do for and with them.

And likewise, I have found myself comparing my journey, my style, my approach to those of others … most of who are on a completely different path than me! I am not sure why it has taken me so long to get this, but if and when comparisons, admiration, duplication of any sort occurs it should be to mirror those whose lives represent the life I am working to create. Nothing less.

Each minute of every day I am working on being me and more of it! I am working to embrace those who support me as I am and unintentionally inspire me to be so much more. And I am working to surround myself with images, representatives and objects of my truest affection – those people and things that mirror the perfect me J.

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