Ray of Sunshine

I don’t think I have written two posts back to back … but I am feeling some sort of way this morning and want to capture it. In this moment I feel uber excited, intensely hopeful and extremely fortunate. I feel connected – or reconnected – to me. I feel inspired. I feel whole.

Perhaps I have more days like this than not, but today is special because I have had about two full weeks with minimal distractions and a lot of time to reconnect with myself. It feels great. Clearing my head, meddling with my thoughts, refocusing my attention, checking in with regards to my goals and desires … being me. Becoming me. And this has reminded me of how all the noise of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, text messaging, frivolous relationships, the radio, news broadcasts, and telephone chats can so easily blur my vision and distract me. These last few weeks I have taken time to disconnect at night, have a long quiet drive a few times a week (with no radio or phone time) and indulge heavily in me.

So today this post is just me feeling wonderful … and hoping that you receive a little bit of the sunshine I am radiating.