Like scores of others, I made a commitment at the beginning of the year to take better care of me: mind, body and spirit. I am now at the midway mark so this post is a partial check in that corresponds to one predominate part of this commitment. But this past weekend I also visited a family member. We spent hours chatting about lessons learned in re health, wellness and weight loss. Therefore, the other intention behind this post is simply to share what we discussed. None of this is new – just things that have really worked for me … a refresher. Enjoy!

  1. Start small. Go slow.
  2. Be realistic.
  3. Make an exercise date with yourself that you don’t break.
  4. Find a supportive network of people who share your lifestyle: some who are where you want to be and some who are on their way.
  5. Don’t apologize for making healthy choices.
  6. Remain flexible.
  7. Give yourself a break when you fall short of your expectations.
  8. Each meal is an opportunity to start over (per Weight Watchers).
  9. For every bad habit or unhealthy food you limit or eliminate, find a replacement.
  10. Monitor your progress in a variety of ways: scale, measurements, and clothes.
  11. Find non-food rewards. Indulge in non-food rewardsJ.
  12. Find what works for YOU and stick with it.
  13. Take advantage of every opportunity to exercise – it all adds up!
  14. Don’t compare your journey to those of others.
  15. Continue to find new ways to challenge your body.
  16. The scale is both your friend and your enemy ~ treat is as suchJ.
  17. Honor your body; take good care with it.
  18. Listen to your body: rest when needed; eat (only) when hungry.
  19. Don’t apologize for keeping your date with yourself to exercise.
  20. Plan ahead. Period. Plan treat meals. Plan meals out. Plan meals at work. Plan.
  21. For some, more structure in the beginning helps establish healthy eating and exercise routines. Try keeping a food diary that tracks both exercise and food. Write a weekly workout schedule on a visible calendar – and stick with it.
  22. It HAS to be a lifestyle. No quick fixes.
  23. Remain committed!!!! No matter what …