How much care do you we take with our words? Do we think that an apology or plea for forgiveness somehow erases the words that have escaped our mouths? Do you ever contemplate the weight of your words?

I’ve come to learn that I love words and they mean a great deal to me in every aspect: I love reading them, writing them, learning them, studying them, reciting them, teaching them; devouring them and memorizing them; processing them and all at the same time becoming puzzled over them.

I believe that my affinity for words is why I put such weight on them … a person’s word means everything to me. What do you say you would do? What did you tell me happened? And how did you verbally respond with your words in the moment?

Subsequently, it is not shocker that my closest friends are those who honor their words. Not that things – i.e. plans – don’t change but that they take great care in communicating that. The people I hold closest to me are honest; I never have to question what they are telling me. AND people that have been in my life the longest don’t resort to using hurtful words when they are upset, angry or indifferent.

The challenge with this is that everyone uses and sees words differently. Therefore, for some words are just words … nothing more, nothing less … their actions speak louder than their words. Or some don’t really consider minor untruths as lies … hmmm. And for many, works spoken in the heat of the moment are to be left there and never considered again. But on that last point specifically, I think those very words are – if nothing else – a minute imprint of what our hearts really feel, think, want, speak … embody.

I’ve thought about revisiting the weight I put on words, but have decided not to. Because I can :-). And I will continue to use and choose my words carefully … and love and keep near those who do the same.