The ego can be an awful thing! I am secure and assured in being confident … but being egotistical is a different beast altogether.

Last year I began pursuing a new field in hopes of making an integration with my current work. This field is completely novel to me so it’s like being a child – starting all over again. With that said, I have done fairly well in my studies. I love school, I love to read and I absolutely love to learn … this has carried me, even in difficult courses.

With all this said, this time around in graduate school has brought new things that I have never experienced before, like a “C” on an exam and a paper returned to be rewritten. What the fuzz??? A rewrite???? I have NEVER in my life …. Let me pause and say that I am not sharing this out of some sense of brilliance. I actually don’t think I am that smart, but I do work my a*! off in school and that is what I give credit to for doing well academically. So it has taken me some days to realize that my ego got in the way. I wasn’t devastated – yes devastated – because my paper was so wonderful (Once I got over myself I actually reread it and it WAS pretty crappy). Nor did I immediately and readily admit to myself that I finished the paper just hours before it was due, hence failing to give it the time it needed. Instead I immediately resorted to ego trippin!!!

Now as I sit here rewriting my paper – and taking a moment to share with you J – I am in a better place. Ego checked. Working hat back on. Moving forward.

Thanks for ego CHECKS!!!