I few months ago, I started sending a friend Random Confessions. I can’t say exactly why I started this practice, but after I started I had a hard time stopping. This was and is a huge deal for me because I consider myself to be a pretty private person; not because I am not open to people getting to know me, but because I don’t think my life is that interesting AND I question what people do with information that has no direct influence on their lives. Nonetheless, this became a fun exchange between my friend and me so I thought I’d post some teaser things here. Enjoy :-).

I like short dresses … they accentuate my legs

There is a certain explicative that I am very fond of. I am almost ashamed that I like to use it as much as I do.

Much the same way that I feel about some songs … I hear them and cannot get them out of my head, but I’d never want my mom or professors to know I listen to these songs so intently ;-).

I do really well with clear guidelines and rules when it comes to eating … moderation doesn’t quite work well J.

Some pp are in to shoes or handbags, but I really love jackets/blazers and coats.

Burning incense helps me relax.

Dancing is my medicine.

I like to host.

It’s no secret that I LOVE to read.

I’ve toyed with teaching, writing, dancing and yoga for about 15 years now … I think I am on to something.

I like clothes that move.

I love random color mixtures, although I am not always daring or brave enough to wear them.