Eyes Open


I am taking a Buddhism class this semester. For the last few weeks we have been talking about the conflict between Tibet and China. On last Tuesday and Thursday, I sat in on two separate presentations on the conflict, as well as self-immolations as a means of peaceful protest.

I am not comfortable with my level of the knowledge to say anything more here than ask are you aware? Do you know what is happening? What do you think of when you see the “Free Tibet” bumper stickers?

As I listened to both presentations, my heart melted and all of I could think of was how often I get caught in my own bubble and forget about the atrocious things happening across the globe. I’d like to believe that by (re) committing myself to my education, working in this chosen field and even maintaining this blog that I am doing my part. But last week reminded me that there is so much more to do … so little time to be lazy … carefree … unengaged. So I ask you are your eyes open? Are your hands moving?