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I thought the New Year would begin without me posting some mushy end of the year reflection. But what do you know … here I am writing what I think is my last post for 2012. I have been thinking about this post for a few days now and am pretty excited about my recap; I hope you’ll enjoy it just as much. So here we go … what I learned (and hope to retain) from 2012:

–  When you love … if you love: love deeply, freely and wholeheartedly. Otherwise, don’t waste your time

–  Some doors need to remain closed – no matter how badly you feel compelled to re-open them

– Accolades and affirmations from others are great, but at some point deep inside you have to believe in your own greatness. Your own Beauty. Your own unique and special self – no one can deliver this to you

–  Life will deal some hard blows, but it’s the bounce back affect that counts

– Never, ever dim your light for  someone who is too insecure to let theirs shine***

– Its okay to love people from afar; to say “yes, I love you, but you don’t deserve a front row seat in my life”

– And it’s okay to allow relationships to shift … friends today, associates tomorrow, best buds next year 😉

– A true friend doesn’t need all the details, listens with an open heart and at some point finds a way to say “I support you in whatever you decide” even if it’s different from their own values or life choices

– Consultations are great, but YOU have to live with the consequences of your actions

– LOVE is the best medicine.

– Never, ever stop discovering your authentic you … who you truly are deep inside without everyone’s opinions and expectations. And be open to expressing that YOU at all costs ….

For me 2013 is about being true to me and who I am … without great regard for other’s boxes or limitations of who I should be. It is about freely existing within ALL of me.

Thank you for supporting Carter’s Corner … Happy New Year!!!