A few weeks ago in my Health as Social Justice class we had a guest speaker. The information she shared broke my heart … I have included a few snippets of what she shared below.

From the Schapiro Group: Men Who Buy Sex with Adolescent Girls: A Scientific Research Study

  • 12,400 men each month in Georgia pay for sex with a young female, 7,200 of whom end up exploiting an adolescent female
  • With approximately 3 million adult men in Georgia, this study finds that 23% have purchased sex with females, and 20,700 men do so in any given month
  • 9% of men who buy sex with young females

From various other resources used to compile Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

  • Victims of sex trafficking are proportionately younger than other trafficking victims, with 31% of the identified sex trafficking victims being under 18 years old.
  • The estimated cost of child sexual abuse in the US is $23 billion annually
  • Until 2001, the pimping of a minor in Georgia was classified as a misdemeanor payable by a $50 fine

Resources for Action: