This weekend, I had two very special people in town: one of my
favorite aunts and a very dear and special friend. They both reminded
me of the value of friendships. Not acquaintances; not associates; not
even peripheral “road dogs,” but TRUE friends. Some of us – self
included – use this word so loosely that we forget what it really
means. But I am talking about the people that you can tell any and
everything to. Those who never judge you, even when they see you
walking into a train wreck. Those people who challenge and inspire you
in “every way imaginable” (Jill Scott). Those few people who seem to
somehow be in a placement or placements in life where they understand
your journey and may be able to offer valuable insight or travel the
path with you. Those people who remind you that you are a diamond in
the rough and it’s okay to be you. Those people who recharge you,
invigorate you, remind you that it’s not okay just to be okay. The
people who know when to call your cards, who love you unconditionally,
who help bring you back to your center. The people who you may not
talk to every day, every week or even every month, but when you do
it’s as if you haven’t missed a beat. Those who forgive you and don’t
remind you of the moments (as many as they may be) of your own stuff
that stood in the way of friendship. Those that help you heal. Those
that allow you to love on them and comfort them … to inspire them and
invigorate them. Those who are there … in one way, shape or form. But
those who also know when to step back, give space and not take it
personally. Those who honor your “secrets” and see enough of
themselves in you that they “get you.” Those people who you couldn’t
imagine your journey without. Those friends … I believe that we all
have them. I hope we all cherish them and remind them every chance we
get how much we love and appreciate them. Those rare angels that we
are paired with. Today I am so very thankful for FRIENDS regardless of
how we met: lovers, family or just plain ole friends!!!!!