Leasing Sign: Cape Town, South Africa 

A few weeks ago I was hanging out with a friend – who I hope does not follow my blog J. As we were talking, the subject of Facebook came up. We began ranting out our qualms with the social media tool. And then my friend shared with me that s/he loves watching the “train wrecks” that occur on FB; that people fall hopelessly in love or have some sort of extreme high – which they share publicly – and inevitably experience an equally drastic fall. This stuck with me and I began thinking about censorship, particularly my own after this conversation.

I thought about as much as I think people tend to share a little too much on FB, I enjoy seeing and reading about (humble and good-willed) success stories in personal and professional lives.  I love seeing people fall helplessly in love over and over again. I love seeing pics from events I’ve missed for one reason or another, and my friend’s smiling faces as they enjoy life. And along with that, I enjoy the gentle and subtle reminders that these people are real just like me;  experience the ups AND the downs of life just like me; are imperfect just like me; make mistakes just like me; and are determined to make the best of life in spite of – just like me. With that said, I am less inclined to relate to those who portray the “perfect life” at all times – if even on FB – than I am in share the good and bad days.

But going back to my friend’s comment, I thought how many are or may be – like her/him – waiting for the inevitable train wreck??? How many are waiting to say I told you so? Or I knew it all along? Or secretly rejoicing in another’s defeat? How many are waiting for the fall …

And just as these thoughts had taken up too much residence in my mind, I read the post of a fellow blogger who I adore. In it, she revealed some very personal details about her life and struggles with self-esteem. Her post- the extreme openness, honesty and vulnerability – reminded me that there will always be someone waiting for the fall, but that shouldn’t hinder my standing moments. I will not be censored.

That’s all.