Aside from the fact that I absolutely ADORE this picture and needed an excuse to use it, I wanted to share a thought or two in re fee for services, and more specifically some recent experiences I’ve had at school.

I enjoy services – massages, great food at a restaurant, a nice day at the salon. The more I pay for the service, the greater the expectation. For me, school is NO different! College is expensive so I have no intentions of paying any institution and subsequently any professor and not getting ALL that I can get from the experience.

Earlier this week I encountered two peers who made me think of this more. One who told me he did not want to go to class – sure enough he didn’t show up. And another who told me he has NO intentions of reading anything that we will not be included on an exam. This same student alluded to the fact that he will garner resources from other students and asked if I’d be willing to help. Wow! I didn’t ask too many questions, but by his request in the next class to have someone summarize what the readings were about I am assuming that he is prepared to lean as heavily on others as needed/convenient. Let me pause here to say that I fully acknowledge that there will be times when I just won’t get to all the assigned readings – for one reason or another – and times when I will have an emergency or conflict that will require me to miss class(es), but to voluntarily do any of the aforementioned at this early stage in the game seems inconceivable. I just don’t understand paying thousands of dollars to goof off. To me that’s like paying $100 for a meal and then throwing it in the thrash. I expect my professors to attend every class and teach the full time, with very few exceptions. And in return, I plan to read as much as I possibly can … ask all the questions I need and want to … send all the emails and have all the one-on-one meetings I need it. I am paying for it! Let me also say that I value community – even in the formal learning environment – I think it’s necessary. BUT I will not do anyone else’s work or let them mooch off of my work. Finally, while I anticipate and will work towards having good – no, great – grades, this IS an experience for me. I want to get every single drop that I can. Not only because I enjoy learning, feel this is a part of my divine journey, but because I AM PAYING FOR IT!!!!