While this isn’t the most exciting or thought provoking entry, I know I will regret it if I don’t post it. I know I will look back on this entry for many years to come. 

Last week I attended new student orientation. Many things about the experience struck me. One is that I have now experienced 3 very different calibers of colleges/universities. The first was a small, religious-based historically black institution. A place that nurtured both my mind and my spirit. I formed friendships there that I know are everlasting. I left that place a drastically different person than I was when I started. There will always be fond memories in my mind and heart for that experience. While I never had ANY challenges with much of anything in re financial aid, class registration etc. with my undergraduate institution, I know that I am in the minority. Three years later I attended a public, state university. Different experience altogether. While I met some great people and was fortunate to have an advisor who nurtured and supported me endlessly, the comparison in re “soul work” is nonexistent. However, I remember the resources and ease of getting things done; the caliber of both students and faculty; and access to external resources – all of which varied from my undergraduate institution. And now seven years later (look at those numbers: 3 & 7 :-)) I am attending a private institution that many consider to be an ivy league of the south. I am blown away by how they courted me all summer: sending notes, little trinkets such as water bottles and decals and almost weekly emails welcoming me to the school. The resources are phenomenal: free shuttles going to and from almost anywhere; faculty lectures uploaded to iTunes!; student lunch and learns almost every day of the week; and libraries that literally blow my mind (I am a book junkie). I haven’t even started classes yet and can see where all the money goes J. While this institution has a less than flattering reputation when it comes to civil rights and the inclusion of people of color in its formation, I still see value in being afforded an opportunity to study here.

My excitement is met with a small bit of anxiety. I am not a techy – but of course, everything “i” that one could have was in abundance last week: ipads, iphones, ihats, ishoes, iwatches :-). During sessions I could hear fingers clicking away typing notes (few handwritten notes in sight). In that regard, I feel a little out of place. Students opting to purchase their books in e-version vs. hardcopies – who does that?!?! What happened to wanting to write in your book … highlight sections? I guess those days are long gone.

But this anxiety is minute in comparison to my excitement of being back in the formal and structured learning environment. I LOVE school. I LOVE learning. I ADORE reading and books are my mistress. I am honored to be able to participate in this process. My graduating class will coincide with the 100th year anniversary of the school – making us that much more special in my mind. I am excited about this new beginning … just needed to make sure my blog has a place to honor this significant time in my life.