It took me a LONGGGGG time to (re) join Facebook. The first time around I was making the transition from MySpace (remember that) and found the whole concept intriguing. After a short period, I didn’t find it as fun or useful so I deleted my page. I told myself that my real friends still made time to pick up the phone OR at least send a text message to check on me. They still sent pictures via snail mail and made time to connect — if only every couple of months. I wasn’t sold on the idea of the “innocence” of FB. I thought of it more along the lines of people showcasing how fabulously wonderful their lives were — endless pictures of themselves, family vacations, new articles of whatever etc. I wasn’t too sure about 1k plus people knowing that I am away on family vacation and our home is empty or that I just bought a new car. I just didn’t get it.

But life happens and I found myself in a temporary predicament with limited external social interaction — FB to the rescue! This time around seemed so much more fun; it was the typical “everyone else is going it.” I found myself reconnecting — as many of us do on FB — with people I hadn’t spoken to in years. I love(d) the updates, jokes, inspirational quotes, moments of sincere sharing and encouragement! It was great! I told myself I would limit my page to only a few intimate friends and some exceptions for associates who I am quite fond of. I said I wouldn’t get excessive about posting pictures; I wouldn’t spend hours rummaging through people’s pages; I wouldn’t blah, blah, blah.

Fast forward again some 7 or 8 months later and I find myself in the Facebook Matrix! Checking posts and updates between meetings and during breaks throughout the day. Reading endless posts about things I really don’t care about. Indulging in mindless debates via FB! Accepting requests, only to block people for realization that I really don’t want them looking at my 5 pictures anyway! Or that we never really spoke in high school, college or wherever I knew them from and I didn’t think we’d start now. Last week I realized I was caught in the FB Matrix! So what did I do … I am glad you asked :—).

I am making an attempt to regain control. I have made it a point to only check a couple times a day looking at my inbox, personal update log and the 1 or 2 current posts. I posted much less last week (except via Twitter) and am proud of that. I realized that, not only was I keeping caught up in posting miniscule details of my own life, but I’d somehow become in tangled in the minute details of others’ lives. And for what?

I still enjoy FB and don’t have intentions of deleting my page. I still enjoy the warm moments of inspiration and positive affirmations/sharing. I love “seeing” my friends across the country and keeping in touch with distant relatives. But I have to keep it under control. I have seen too many relationships destroyed over FB. So often I am out with friends and they are so busy in the FB world that they can’t focus on the moment we have right before us. So I making an effort to step out of the matrix … have you? Can you? Will you?