Photo: Old Fashioned Typewriter from District 6 Museum

This week I finished What I know Now: Letters to My Younger Self by Ellyn Spragins. I can’t remember the exact number of letters captured in this book, but the author succeeded in including a great deal of variety and diversity; women who shared advice with their younger selves on everything from family, dating, marriage and career to self—esteem, simply enjoying life and stopping to smell the roses. Quite naturally, once I finished the book I began thinking of what I would write to my younger self. I am including some of the things that initially came to mind in the post. I am asking my readers to chime in: what would you say to your younger self? What do you wish you knew 20, 10 or even 5 years ago? If you could only go back in time what would be the 1 thing you’d want your younger self to know? Here we go … a letter to my circa 13/14 year old self.

Dear Sabrina,

You’re beautiful. You don’t hear that nearly enough now — but you are. You’re beautiful, smart and even this early in life — you’re determined. You will meet lots of people along this journey called life and it’s okay that you won’t be just like any of them. Embrace the diversity that you find in your friendships, you will need to take a little piece from each one to help you along the way. Embrace the uniqueness you see in yourself — it will always be this way, so better start now or pay for it later. Don’t try to be like anyone else — you’re perfect just the way you are. Even when good grades come so easy to you, aim for great grades — it will help you when you apply to colleges. Don’t get distracted with the boy stuff — they’ll always be there. With a few minor bumps, you will do okay. Actually you’ll do great and experience things you never, ever imagined. If I told you know, you wouldn’t believe me. Always remember to follow your heart, but do so with compassion. It’s okay to go for what you want but don’t do it at the expense of another’s heart. Considering someone else may not change what you do, but how you do it. Just in case you were wondering, you will have an incredibly fulfilling life. Your true friends will stick around for the journey and you’ll continue to embrace the person you are. Your life will throw you some hard balls, but the determination to follow — or pave — your own path will keep you sane and at peace. One last thing — your mom will become your number one cheerleader!!!