Photo: Cozumel, Mexico, Day Excursion ~ View from Pedal Boat

When writing my previous posts, I’ve tried to stick with the theme of allowing some of my favorite photos to choose me and I willingly submit by writing a post based on the essence of what I see in the picture. But this week, I intentionally sought out a photo from my collection that represents all that I am feeling. So here we go …

My birthday is just three days away — yeaaa!!!! I am so excited and so thankful to be blessed to see another year. I am thankful for all the experiences I’ve had thus far and genuinely excited about all that is to come — which I believe is pretty amazing! While celebrating, I also find myself in a bit of a conundrum with so many challenging events occurring at the same time.

The ocean: clear, beautiful, calm. If you were there, you’d also know that I could look over my pedal boat and see every living creature because the water is so clear. This photo represents all that I am feeling right now. I see myself in a beautiful place in life — a place of renewal and revitalization. I am back on track with ambitiously — but intentionally — involving myself in things that I am passionate about. I am still discovering new things about myself and the world. I am excited about possibilities again. And even though the surface excites me, upon deeper inspection I know there is so much more — more to come, more to me, more to see, more to experience.

The house: There is a beautiful home in the distance; I can’t make out all the details, but I know it’s not too shabby :—).  In spite of how much I revere where I currently find myself, a feeling deep inside tells me that the best is still yet to come. I can only see a glimpse of what that is, but I know its there. I just have to keep peddling to get to my destinations.

The unseen: What you can’t see or decipher is that there was rain off and on this entire day that we spent at the beach. The sky would open up for 20 or 30 minutes and then it would look like this again. Currently, I am in a wonderful space, but not without storms. There seem to be spontaneous bursts of rain — so to speak.  Many blessings and heartaches upon me all at the same time or following each other closely. Much to see and so much more than is unseen.

On this day at the beach, I enjoyed everything I could. I took in all the sites, ate good food, listened to wonderful music, and read a book. I took refuge during the rain and was not fearful to come out again when it stopped. I acknowledged that without the rain, the sunshine just wouldn’t be quite the same. That is exactly what I plan to do in this season of my life. Happy birthday to me!