Photo: Hartness House Bed & Breakfast, Springfield VT 

A few years ago I remember a friend telling me that she had a date night with herself once a week. She’d have a great glass of wine, paint her toenails, read a great book, wash her hair or just veg out. I loved the concept so I started having – insert drum roll here – a date night with myself! It was my time to refresh, replenish or just relax after a long week. I didn’t invite anyone over or along for the date. Just me, myself and I. To add to my self indulgence, one of my cousins coined the phrase “out with myself” vs. “by myself.” 

But time gets away, things happen and we change. Fast forward a few years and I can’t remember the last time I had an intentional date night with myself. Last week I found myself running – figuratively and literally – from one thing to the next. I realized that I’d forgotten about one of life’s most precious indulgences: time with me!

I’ve turned over a new leaf and moving forward I want to spend more time with me. More time reading great books. More time having an occasional dinner WITH myself. It’s such a mini indulgence – such a seemingly simple thing to do. But why don’t we commit to doing it more often? Most recently I met someone who told me she does not like to be alone or do things alone? Have we become afraid of our own inner voice? Our own presence?

Do you ever do things with yourself? Does that sound strange to say? What would need to happen for you to make more time for you? Can you commit to once a week or a month? What special thing will you do for yourself with yourself?