Photo: Taken at a hotel in Amsterdam just before dinner.

I have followed numerous blogs off and on for over three years now. Out of all those that initially caught my attention, I remain faithful to only five:,,,, Why these five? Why not more? And most importantly, why join the ranks of millions of blogs already out there?

I’m glad you asked: What’s all the fuzz? Of the five blogs I follow faithfully, the first three are about fashion, food, travel or some combination therein. I wish I were more of a fashionista. But instead I tend to be more conservative and less risky in my attire. I lack severe creativity in the wardrobing department, so I stand on the sidelines admiring those who are more gifted in this area. Two things I do love and am good at are coordinating travel and cooking. I love to travel! I love seeing new places and experiencing new cultures. One of the most endearing ways for me to experience another culture is through their food! And finally, I indulge willingly in the contemplations of life, love, religion, spirituality and the daily quest to find our way to our happy place. In the essence of this indulgence, Sweet Thang ( and After the Altar Call feed my soul.

So why another blog? This blog is my gift to myself. A place where I can express all my loving — and not so loving — thoughts. A place of contemplation. A place where I can release into the atmosphere in hopes that someone will catch on and make something more worthy. This is my place to share a little bit of me in hopes that it touches a little piece of you … I have decided to use my own personal photos that I took long before this idea of starting a blog was planted. Enjoy the photos. Enjoy the words. Comment. Stay a while to contemplate. And most importantly, return again :-).