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Photo: Monastery of the Holy Spirit, Conyers GA

Sometimes in life we are called/forced/persuaded to take a journey … alone. No friends, no family, nothing familiar. To some, this may seem like a lonely venture. Others are enthused about the idea of leaving the familiar behind and traveling to the unknown.

While my life has had many journeys that started off with me traveling “alone,” the most significant to date is when I left for the United States Peace Corps. Everything about my choice seemed to isolate me from so many things I cherished, loved and perhaps loathed. I was leaving behind my family, my friends, the familiar places I loved to visit, favorite foods and familiar scents. I was questioned about my choice and felt more isolated by the fact that very few understood why I would want to move to a remote village in another country – for two years! But I forged ahead and I must say it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life!

How often in life do we come face-to-face with a situation or opportunity, but we are afraid to pursue it because we may have to start out alone? How often do we make decisions based on what’s acceptable by the masses? How often do we follow our dreams in spite of what others say or think? And how often do we remember that no matter how lonely the journey looks, we will always find careful shades of new friendships, guardians, and companions along the way? If only you start the venture you’ll find leaves of love and trunks of treasure

When was a time that you had to start a journey alone? What was the outcome?


What’s All the Fuzz???

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Photo: Taken at a hotel in Amsterdam just before dinner.

I have followed numerous blogs off and on for over three years now. Out of all those that initially caught my attention, I remain faithful to only five: www.myvicariouslyfe.com, www.fashionbombdaily.com/, www.alittlebitoflacquer.blogspot.com/, www.afterthealtarcall.com, www.warmnotes.com/blog/. Why these five? Why not more? And most importantly, why join the ranks of millions of blogs already out there?

I’m glad you asked: What’s all the fuzz? Of the five blogs I follow faithfully, the first three are about fashion, food, travel or some combination therein. I wish I were more of a fashionista. But instead I tend to be more conservative and less risky in my attire. I lack severe creativity in the wardrobing department, so I stand on the sidelines admiring those who are more gifted in this area. Two things I do love and am good at are coordinating travel and cooking. I love to travel! I love seeing new places and experiencing new cultures. One of the most endearing ways for me to experience another culture is through their food! And finally, I indulge willingly in the contemplations of life, love, religion, spirituality and the daily quest to find our way to our happy place. In the essence of this indulgence, Sweet Thang (warmnotes.com/blog) and After the Altar Call feed my soul.

So why another blog? This blog is my gift to myself. A place where I can express all my loving — and not so loving — thoughts. A place of contemplation. A place where I can release into the atmosphere in hopes that someone will catch on and make something more worthy. This is my place to share a little bit of me in hopes that it touches a little piece of you … I have decided to use my own personal photos that I took long before this idea of starting a blog was planted. Enjoy the photos. Enjoy the words. Comment. Stay a while to contemplate. And most importantly, return again :-).

The Journey of Life …

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This picture was taken in December of 2010 while on a trip to Cape Town, South Africa. Aside from the sheer beauty of the photo, it reminds me of life: all the twists and turns, ups and downs, near misses and huge defeats … the fears and joys … the people you meet and sometimes pass along the way … the beauty the awaits you up ahead and the things you sometimes have to leave behind. Welcome to Carter’s Corner – my blog about this journey called life. I hope you enjoy the ride!

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